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🎁 !DROPS🎁 Good day, today we will play with CS-59 and get 3rd mark after that we will see !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

178 views / today at 1:59 PM

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🎁 !DROPS🎁 playing CS 59 - currently champion rank on onslaught !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

70,057 views / yesterday at 11:17 AM

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🎁NEW set of !DROPS🎁 today we are playing Onslaught on my second account. !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

58,062 views / last Monday at 9:29 AM

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βœ”οΈ*NEW SPECIAL DROPS* βœ”οΈ Playing mars !tournament and my reticle is working ! awesome! !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

49,147 views / last Saturday at 12:57 PM

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βœ”οΈ*NEW* !drops βœ”οΈ Good day, we will start day with 5x exp, and later on some onslaught !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

68,913 views / last Friday at 11:07 AM

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βœ”οΈ !drops βœ”οΈSKIEEEEEL is back. i think today we will mark T8 JAPAN TD !millionpugs !waterdrop !index

40,734 views / 05/10/2023

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βœ”οΈ !drops βœ”οΈ I am back from vacations and I have no clue what I am doing, testing new tanks. !waterdrop !index

47,977 views / 05/09/2023

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πŸ’€FINAL !DROPS πŸ’€ Last Stream B4 !vacation Lets do the most painful grind today. Finishing Lor and then T54 Heavy marks. !waterdrop !index

49,803 views / 04/29/2023

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πŸ’€LAST SET OF NEW !DROPS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN πŸ’€ Today we will try to master and mark Lorraine 50 T bp tank. !vacation !waterdrop !index

47,626 views / 04/28/2023

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πŸ† !DROPSπŸ† Last week of drops! Marking Forest Spirit in 1 stream. (Wednesday and Thursday off) !manscaped !waterdrop !vacation !index

56,702 views / 04/25/2023

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πŸ†*NEW* !DROPSπŸ† Last week of drops! Finishing shrek marks and K2 marks. !manscaped !waterdrop !index !goal !kebab

64,529 views / 04/24/2023

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πŸ†!DROPSπŸ† playing with OBJ 430 II no gold marks goal is to finish it in 1 stream, tank is no bueno! !waterdrop !index !goal !kebab

46,119 views / 04/22/2023

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πŸ†NEW !DROPSπŸ† Marking shrek. start 40% goal is to get 95% today !waterdrop !index !goal !kebab

55,159 views / 04/21/2023

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πŸ’Ž !DROPS πŸ’Ž Date with @mailand at 6PM !time and before hand we are doing some missions for 260 !index !goal !kebab

58,437 views / 04/18/2023

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πŸ’Ž*NEW* !DROPS πŸ’Ž K2 marking Starting 51% goal is 95% wish me luck. !waterdrop !index !goal

61,864 views / 04/17/2023

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πŸ“2x !DROPS πŸ“ we are making camp fires with Italian T5-6 TDS (marking) !waterdrop !goal !index

43,012 views / 04/15/2023

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πŸ“2x !DROPS πŸ“Starting with BZ 176 marks 93% to 95% then we will make camp fires with Italian T5-6 TDS (marking) !waterdrop !goal !index

17,999 views / 04/15/2023

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πŸ“ *NEW* !DROPS πŸ“ We are back with marking on main account! BZ-58 and BZ-166 !waterdrop !goal !index

63,588 views / 04/14/2023

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πŸ“ !DROPS πŸ“ finishing last of 5x exp on main account and then back to marking! after midnight we will finish RE4 !waterdrop !goal !index

59,950 views / 04/12/2023

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πŸ“ !DROPS πŸ“ Testing pc is it running good, sorry for that fellas. fingers crossed (we ordered more ram) !goal !index

35,187 views / 04/11/2023

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πŸ“ !DROPS πŸ“ we will play with @mailand at 6 PM !time and now we are grinding 5x exp on T8 tanks. !waterdrop !goal !index

13,983 views / 04/11/2023

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πŸ“ *NEW* !DROPS πŸ“ Finishing tortoise marks no gold, and then we will play on 100% moe account. !waterdrop !goal !index

61,301 views / 04/10/2023

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🐰πŸ₯š !DROPS πŸ₯šπŸ° Happy Easter. Marking Tortoise NO GOLD (starting 60% goal 90+%) (thanks Pirosami) later on we might play RE4 !index !chair

57,915 views / 04/08/2023

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πŸ“ *NEW* !DROPS πŸ“ i missed you fellas, Lets grind friend mods on T7s and later on some T10s !waterdrop !goal !index !chair

56,136 views / 04/07/2023

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πŸ’–!DROPSπŸ’– !waterdrop Today we are finishing marking PZ7 ( from 81% to 95%) later on we will play for 5x exp with T7 !goal !index !chair

51,890 views / 04/04/2023

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πŸ’– *NEW* !DROPS πŸ’– !waterdrop Today we will play lower tiers to finish most of 5x exp starting with T6 moving !index !chair

67,967 views / 04/03/2023

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🎁 !DROPS🎁 Playing with T8 Cow for MARKS NO GOLD and Standard equipment :( after midnight !time we will fight zombies :) !chair !index

58,637 views / 04/01/2023

channel video thumbnail

🎁*NEW* !DROPS🎁 Lets start everything with death star games. I feel like i want to make a day of many tankers! !chair !index

60,702 views / 03/31/2023

channel video thumbnail

No tanks today, But we will spank some zombies. Playing new game 1st time in a decade !chair !index

26,755 views / 03/30/2023

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🚨 πŸ“Ί !DROPS πŸ“ΊπŸš¨ Couple of games with T69 no gold and then we will figure what to mark. !chair !index

28,633 views / 03/29/2023

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🚨 πŸ“Ί !DROPS πŸ“ΊπŸš¨ Last day for !survey / Marking T69 no gold challenge (starting 67% goal is 95%) !chair !index

36,602 views / 03/28/2023

channel video thumbnail

🚨 πŸ“Ί*NEW* !DROPS πŸ“ΊπŸš¨ Playing Rinoceronte for now. later or we will pick other tank. !chair !index

62,007 views / 03/27/2023

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πŸ”΄*NEW* !DROPS πŸ”΄ playing on the test server to check out how wg messed up this time. starting with recon mission !chair !index

67,473 views / 03/24/2023

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☘️ !DROPS☘️ Playing with T9 prem/reward tanks to use 5x exp for field mods ~100 5x+ exp to go (t55a,777,lor,wz120ft,obj283) !chair !index

41,262 views / 03/22/2023

channel video thumbnail

☘️ !DROPS☘️ Playing with T8 prem tanks to use 5x exp for field mods 80 5x+ exp to go !chair !index

53,158 views / 03/21/2023

channel video thumbnail

☘️*NEW* !DROPS☘️ Playing with T8 prem tanks to use 5x exp for field mods !chair !index

79,043 views / 03/20/2023

channel video thumbnail

☘️2 x !DROPS☘️ Playing with T8 prem tanks to use 5x exp for field mods !chair !index

43,719 views / 03/18/2023

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πŸŽƒ !DROPSπŸŽƒI want to mark something easy, lets try to find something. !pugs !chair

42,071 views / 11/02/2022



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