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relentlessly pummeling and asserting my large musculature and massive frame upon each opponent before me

67,100 views / today at 12:25 AM

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the act of dominance is an artform perfected with the utmost elegance and grace, prominently shown here

70,807 views / yesterday at 12:43 AM

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extensive research is required in order to truly grasp the magnitude of one mans strength and dominance (myself)

59,096 views / last Friday at 12:31 AM

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dominance. resilience. powerful. pummeling each opponent and tossing them to the side

72,523 views / last Thursday at 12:28 AM

channel video thumbnail

rewriting the definition of dominant and powerful with each and every act of strength performed

68,738 views / last Wednesday at 12:35 AM

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dominant muscular strong powerful extremely exciting and charismatic individual walking with commanding presence

72,287 views / last Tuesday at 12:25 AM

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forever executing my will and dominant prowess over anyone who steps in front of the vast musculature of myself. Run

79,138 views / last Monday at 12:28 AM

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mentally untouchable, forever dominant, and extensively exuding my will upon the opposition (EASILY)

66,933 views / 04/30/2023

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exploring the vast lands in a desperate attempt to find one who can come close to the dominant and overpowering strength found here

71,551 views / 04/29/2023

channel video thumbnail

returning to dominate and utterly pulverize the competition with relatively minimal amounts of effort

76,319 views / 04/28/2023

channel video thumbnail

the gap between the most dominant individual and second is forever widening with new and expressive ways to crumple the opposition

93,409 views / 04/26/2023

channel video thumbnail

approaching the precipice of peak performance and musculature achievable by a single individual.

82,451 views / 04/24/2023

channel video thumbnail

maybe shorter stream maybe not all I know is dominance is approaching rapidly, Run Now.

72,976 views / 04/24/2023

channel video thumbnail

muscular highly refined individual stepping forward with each thunderous step frightening the opposition

87,413 views / 04/23/2023

channel video thumbnail

gaming intensely with no intention of slowing down my wrath or strength when pummeling my opponents

71,699 views / 04/22/2023

channel video thumbnail

excruciatingly painstaking trials are ahead for those who step in front of the dominant omnipotent entity (myself)

78,482 views / 04/21/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominant, excruciatingly powerful, stunningly gorgeous, superhuman strength, all can be used to describe this display

87,163 views / 04/20/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominating with excruciating strength and power to show my merciless conquest towards the top

76,839 views / 04/19/2023

channel video thumbnail

experimenting with how far one man's power can be pushed before reaching his limit (no end in sight)

76,409 views / 04/18/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominating each and every miniscule challenge in my path for there is no task that cant be toppled

77,463 views / 04/17/2023

channel video thumbnail

guhreeeetings! time to dominate and assert my position at the top! as usual!

86,819 views / 04/16/2023

channel video thumbnail

powerful strong muscular entity of unknown origin forever wreaking havoc upon the competition

76,697 views / 04/15/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominance presented on a never before seen scale as the push towards the top has never been easier

58,953 views / 04/14/2023

channel video thumbnail

one man's dominant force and powerful grip on the competition can not be overwhelmed or controlled

79,292 views / 04/13/2023

channel video thumbnail

new challenges approach, yet the same dominant and overwhelmingly powerful outcome occurs all the same

87,071 views / 04/12/2023

channel video thumbnail

the overwhelming and breathtaking amounts of dominant energy exuded is a spectacle to be studied

74,382 views / 04/11/2023

channel video thumbnail

one dominant muscular man's energy and overwhelming power is unable to be matched despite being challenged numerous times

78,231 views / 04/10/2023

channel video thumbnail

looking down upon those who believe they can ascend above the forcefully dominant and powerful enigma of power

78,942 views / 04/09/2023

channel video thumbnail

record shattering amounts of power levels detected, dominant entity reaching unparalleled levels of strength

79,179 views / 04/08/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominating and overpowering opponents who think they can stand up to my overwhelming amounts of girth and tonnage

77,140 views / 04/07/2023

channel video thumbnail

excessively dominant force stepping forward once again to display the simplicity with which he dominates

70,841 views / 04/06/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominant entity forever in search of a formidable opposition that can withstand these powerful waves of violence

109,789 views / 04/03/2023

channel video thumbnail

extensive research needed to examine the powerful dominant nature consistently demonstrated here

68,575 views / 04/03/2023

channel video thumbnail

small malnourished boy fears for his life before the strong, dominant power of his opposition

78,381 views / 04/02/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] dominating each and every pathetic puny challenger that dares step forward

71,840 views / 04/01/2023

channel video thumbnail

forever extending the limit of what it means to be a dominant and overpowering form of being

64,690 views / 03/31/2023

channel video thumbnail

forever and always stepping forward with a mighty dominant force that causes opponents to cower in fear

64,744 views / 03/30/2023

channel video thumbnail

BIRTHDAY BEATDOWN upon those who foolishly step forward towards my massive frame

78,412 views / 03/29/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] expeditiously dominating with minimal effort exerted yet still impressive

89,609 views / 03/28/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] effortlessly breezing through each opponent with swift and efficient methods of dominance

114,004 views / 03/26/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] super powerful dominant entity arriving with the intent of flattening all

62,789 views / 03/26/2023

channel video thumbnail

crumpling each and every obstacle in my way with powerful strikes designed to incapacitate

51,859 views / 03/25/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] struggling to find competition that can sniff the level of dominance commonly performed here

81,265 views / 03/24/2023

channel video thumbnail

making my dominant presence known with each passing step i take forward (with power)

76,043 views / 03/22/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] forever and always reinventing the top form and new quality of dominance daily

80,880 views / 03/22/2023

channel video thumbnail

forcefully stepping forward with steps that rumble the earth with might and power

80,103 views / 03/21/2023

channel video thumbnail

strong and tall man with big muscles beating down the competition (easily!)

77,443 views / 03/19/2023

channel video thumbnail

dominant entity of unknown origins is making his way down in search of a competition to give a challenge

73,827 views / 03/19/2023

channel video thumbnail

extensive research is needed to explain the seemingly limitless boundaries of strength and dominance portrayed

90,625 views / 03/18/2023

channel video thumbnail

one man's strength is so insurmountable there are no formidable challenges to be place before him

73,563 views / 03/17/2023

channel video thumbnail

swagging on the competition effortlessly and surgically as each passing step flattens those before me

70,380 views / 03/16/2023

channel video thumbnail

back from streamer awards, ready to consistently put on a performance unlikely to be matched (ever)

94,234 views / 03/14/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] one last dominant performance performed with flawless precision before i depart for LA

62,775 views / 03/10/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] a being of unknown origins emitting an unparalleled level of strength and power (me)

70,326 views / 03/09/2023

channel video thumbnail

[DROPS ENABLED] one dominant man is ready to step forward with thunderous command

72,873 views / 03/08/2023



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